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I am often asked “what is the best toothpaste for my child”? The simple answer: any toothpaste with fluoride (as long as your child is over one year of age).  No matter the flavor, color, brand, or advertising claim on the side of the tube of toothpaste, the best toothpaste is one that your child likes and that has fluoride.  Fluoride is the one ingredient in toothpaste that has been proven to prevent cavities. For children under one year of age, no toothpaste is necessary; and if you decide use a toothpaste, ensure it has no fluoride added.  Starting at one year of age, you can use a small “smear” (the size of a rice grain) of fluoride toothpaste twice daily for your child.  Once your child reaches 3 years of age, you can increase the toothpaste size to a “pea-size” amount, which is similar to the size of a chocolate chip.  Happy brushing (with fluoride)!